Frame 9 Upper West Side

This arrangement of nine Microscape Manhattan Collection models captures the areas generally known as Midtown and Lower Midtown Manhattan.

Some of the noteworthy buildings covered include:

  • One Fifty-Seven
  • Lincoln Center
  • The Julliard School
  • Time Warner Center
  • 432 Park Avenue
  • Via 57 West
  • One Penn Plaza

Nine 6" x 6" Microscape models are pre-mounted in one of our solid Walnut frames and shipped to you ready to hang on a wall or lay flat on a table.

The models included in this recommended arrangement are:

11-D, 11-E, 11-F
12-D, 12-E, 12-F
13-D, 13-E, 13-F

 The overall piece measures 20" x 20" x 6.5" and weighs approximately 8lbs. It comes with both hanging hardware (for wall installation in a north-is-up orientation) and rubber feet (for table-top display) pre-installed.

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