Microscape Custom Commissions


Microscape doesn't just produce 6-inch square "slices" of cities. Custom models based on our digital scan data or custom scans of much more focused areas are entirely possible.


Microscape's NYC data set already extends beyond Manhattan and will continue to grow in direct relation to interest from our current and future clients. The original "Full Manhattan" model shown in photos and video on this page was sized to fit AJSNY's conference room and is comprised of 6" square panels identical to those sold individually in the Microscape shop.
Customization options include (but are not limited to):

  • Alternate panel sizes. Using 8" or 10" square panels (rather than 6") while keeping the same 1:5000 scale allows for fewer joint lines.
  • Alternate colors. The entire model -- or specific features -- can be printed in a broad range of colors. The model can also be painted to your specifications.
  • Alternate materials. The entire model -- or specific features -- can be produced in bronze, brass, copper, cork, sandstone or wood. Various finishes for each of these materials are available.
  • Sculptural manipulation. The model can wrap around curved surfaces in one or two directions, "peel" off the wall to integrate shelving or cabinetry, or be modified to allow removal/replacement of individual buildings or blocks. Features can also be exaggerated for artistic effect or customized with LED lighting or components printed in irridescent materials.


Microscape will provide custom installation service for all custom model orders, including planning and design of installation substrate, integration of electrical and electronic components if applicable, and custom millwork surrounds or plexiglass enclosures. We can also work with you to integrate a custom model into an in-progress design project.


SCALE: 1:5000
LENGTH: 14' 2" / 4.32 m
HEIGHT: 42" / 1.1m
DEPTH: 6" / .15 m
WEIGHT: 100 lbs / 45.4 kg

All specifications are approximate. As the model is entirely customizable, each installation will vary in dimensions and weight. The example installation shown is comprised of 239 individual 3D-printed panels mounted to 1/4" substrate.


For more information on all the ways a Microscape custom model can be integrated into your existing or planned space, give us a call at 212.213.4289, or fill in the form below with as much information as you can about what you'd like to accomplish:

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